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Hotel Golden Tulip Bordeaux - Euratlantique

Restaurants & Bars

At the Golden Tulip Bordeaux Euratlantique hotel, there is no season for grabbing a drink thanks to our sunny terrace and our lounge bar! Healthy, local, gourmet, and fair priced food... If you are looking for a good place to lunch or to dinner, come to our restaurant! Our chef is doing everything they can to make sure you come back again and again.


"Tulipe" Restaurant

"Tulipe" s is our bistro, so good, so handsome, so sweet priced. Local and seasonal products are always important for us. Healthy plates sometimes and especially good all the time! Yeah Gamins mean Kids in French, the menu, the setting and the atmosphere will always make you come back spend some time with us.

The Foodtruck Golden Tulip

No time to eat, our answer: Golden Tulip foodtruck. Delicious coffees, tasty and healthy homemade snack, fresh drinks and sweets that vary during the day and during the seasons.


The Wine Bar

Our Wine Bar is about wine yes but a little more too. Barmen and Barmaids are here to get your taste buds awake. Local wines, stunning cocktails and planchas, you bet you come back?